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5 Pages



Custom Designed Pages

We will help you develop a website that stands out. Attracts more customers and portrays the right message. Our team are not just web designers, they are profesionals that have been in business and can guide you to develop the right site for your needs

Stock Images

Need help finding the right images for your site. We have a great selection of stock images you can choose to include in the site


With your help we can make sure that you have your digital footprint online and live in approx 2 – 4 weeks

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9 Pages



Mobile Responsive

A great many people are communicating on the go. Having a mobile responsive web site will allow these on the go people to contact you and order products online. A real must for any web site today

Unlimited Changes

Durinng the design process you will be able to log on and see your web site being built. Just in case a new brainchild idea comes into your head, we will allow you to make the changes as we are building the site, prior to going live

Security & Backups

Safety is our first priority. Thats why we will incorporate as part of the hosting service a full back of your site on a regular basis. we will also include a SSL certificate to make sure the site is secure and hacker free

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12 Pages



Mobile & SEO Friendly

It’s one thing to have a web site, but it’s another to have people find your site and engage with your content. The team developing your site will put all the code in place so that your site will be seen by those looking for your services.

One on One training

A static web site is somewhat boring and unengaging. So when we are ready to go live we will give you exclusive training to teach you how to keep your site fresh and inviting

Extended Support

Our service does not stop when you go live. The advance package has a 12 month support service built in. This means that if something goes wrong in the first year, our techs will be there to help you fix your site and get you going again.

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5 Pages



Integrate with Social Media

Integrating your shop with available social media platforms can improve the the exposure your products receive. While at the same time improving your ability to sell more.

Secure Hosting Platform

Well not having security is like have a shop with out a door that locks. We will host your online shop with the highest available security services to ensure. You and your customers can safely trade online.

Integrated Payment System

In line with secure hosting you have to have a secure payment system. It goes without saying, online payment systems accepting the most popular credit cards is a given.

Want to create a digital identity for you or your business

Want to find out more about our great packages and how you can create a great online footprint. The team at BHD will gladly answer all your queries and help cater a package to suit you